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Private Flood Insurance Rates

Private Flood Insurance Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a Flood Elevation Certificate?

A. No Flood Elevation Certificate is required.

Q. Will my mortgage company accept the policy?

A. Yes. All mortgage companies accept private flood insurance.

Q. What is private flood insurance?

A. Private flood insurance is an alternative flood insurance policy to replace the typical FEMA flood insurance policy written through the National Flood Insurance Program or NFIP for short.

Q. I thought flood insurance premiums are all the same?

A. The premiums for private flood insurance and the Private Flood Insurance Rates are set by the insurance company not the Government and vary depending on the area and risk.

Q. Are payment plans available?

A. Yes, here at Flood Insurance, we offer competitive Private Flood Insurance Rates.

Q. What is the insurance company’s rating, who are they?

A. We offer a choice of multiple Insurance Companies, and while their Private Flood Insurance Rates may differ, all insurance carriers we represent have an “A” rating or better with AM Best and/or Standard Poor & Moody’s.

Q. What happens if we have a claim or problem?

A. No worries! The same representative you speak with also services your insurance. The insurance carrier has a dedicated 24-hour toll free claim phone number to call in case of emergency.