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Private Flood Insurance

Private Flood Insurance Is Better

Shopping online to find flood insurance could enable homeowners and property owners to obtain additional financial protection. Although, it generally takes a lot of research for shoppers to locate an adequate amount of property insurance that is competitively priced. To get a fast quote on rates for private flood insurance in California and Arizona, Flood Insurance Broker provides prompt and courteous services.

Working with a licensed insurance agent to compare some of the best flood insurance rates in California and Arizona is an excellent way to secure an attractive premium. As a broker, we have helped many clients save money on flood insurance costs with some of the top-rated insurers.

Private flood insurance is used to help preserve a family’s wealth. When a natural disaster strikes in California or Arizona, a sufficient amount of coverage can reduce the amount of money that a property owner would need to repair any damages.

A home or business that has not sustained any flood losses in the last 10 years may be eligible for private flood insurance. A standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover damages or losses from flooding conditions. Therefore, it is wise for a property owner to obtain insurance as a hedge against water damage that many insurers will not cover.

With a relatively modest investment, property owners can obtain insurance that will safeguard the typical out-of-pocket costs that might be needed to replace certain valuables.

The Biggert Waters Act changed the underwriting standards for private flood insurance policies. Properties that are located in high-risk areas for flooding should be protected. We offer competitive rates and fast quotes for private flood insurance in California and Arizona

Our agents are courteous, experienced and licensed to issue property insurance as well as flood insurance. Mortgage lenders are generally receptive to property owners who want to obtain flood insurance, as additional financial resources could prevent a borrower who incurs sudden damages from defaulting on a home loan. In fact, prior to funding a home loan, all mortgage lenders will require a borrower to purchase flood insurance for a property that is situated in a flood zone.

Private flood insurance is an alternative policy to replace the typical FEMA flood insurance policy that is written through the National Flood Insurance Program. NFIP insurance policies have set rates that are designed to cover an entire area, whereas private flood programs rate the actual risk.  If your home is in a flood zone and you have not suffered any flood losses, private flood insurance is typically less expensive and provides better coverage.

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